Afghanistan in the mirror of regional economic competition


Author: Abdul Basir Sohaib Siddiqi

Date:9 December 2013

After the collapse of soviet union and the emergence of 15 independentGwadar Republics in 1991  in the result of Afghan Mujahedeen armed liberation war against Russian invasion, Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident, Gorbachev reforms, or glasnost and perestroika, the independent Republics of central Asia become more distinctive in the region and world strategic policies as economic Agenda.

The current war in Afghanistan and bloody view and pains of Afghan societychabahar are related to economic competition in the region whose roots are exist in the context of world and regional policies. Continue reading

Dynamics of self-destruction of our society

Author : Abdul Basir Sohaib Siddiqi
Date : 03.05.2013
The political Situation in Afghanistan shows lack of the thought in order to create moral conditions for individual in the society who would like to fulfill legal live in the society. These conditions depend on free living and free thinking as bases for regulation of Sovereign civil law in society.
Peace is the main right and desire of the civilized, ethical and religious society in the world and we can know and trace legal and lawful boundaries of peace related to living in society and we can connect ourselves in context of national, regional and international relationship with human painfulness, the painfulness that is the major cause for human crying all over the world, it means that we must respect humanity and this respect makes us able to reject all tyrannical regimes all over the world. Continue reading